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Interview w/ 2 pilots about the value of flight AND business financial simulation

Brian Buck, MBA

On AHC retainer to battle COVID-19 business crisis with financial simulation

What is the COVID-19 Business Flight Simulator and what does it do?


AHC has partnered w/ CFT to provide additional cash simulation tools

AHC will help the medical/business community meet the COVID-19 Crisis head-on 

AHC is poised to help small and medium sized practices & businesses make the best decisions based on interactive predictive business modeling and expert advice 

Based on your needs, we will use our "COVID-19 Business Flight Simulator" or CashFlowTool TM. to calculate the length of time your practice/business can "stay aloft" with current and predicted Operating Cash, AR predictions, calculating losing or adding lines of business, loans, staffing changes etc. 

Our goal is to provide you a business plan such that you make a SAFE, even if not perfect, landing. Who knows, maybe you'll even grow your business in the midst of turbulent times 

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