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Darrell Boykin, MD, V.P. Carolina Anesthesiology Associates:

I am happy to recommend Grant Scott to any group of physicians that may be in need of someone to help improve their relationship with hospital administration. At times, as physicians, we aren’t able to either: 1. understand what hospitals want from a practice or; 2. express what our needs are to a hospital in a palatable manner. Grant does a superb job of taking the time to understand both what the practice and hospital want/need. In the five years that we worked together, he was always able to find new ways to approach problems. He understands the issues that both parties bring to the table and he is able to navigate through difficult issues to provide alignment between a practice and a hospital. His calm, patient demeanor is extremely important, as is his wealth of healthcare experience. He would be an extremely valuable asset to any group that seeks to utilize an intermediary to move through the difficult communications that arise between practices and hospitals.

Devona Slater, Auditing for Compliance and Education (ACE ):

I have known Grant Scott for 20 years and have no hesitation in recommending him to practices who need help in any relationship controversy or governance matter.  Grant and I have worked on several projects together and his approach is not only calm and practical, but he truly has a talent in building trusted relationships.  Grant is also excellent with revenue cycle management (RCM) which makes him a valuable member to any team.  While many consults focus on the “big picture,” Grant is not afraid to examine the details to form an opinion and offer solutions.  Grant is a wealth of information, ethical and has many skills needed to help practices, any group that works with him will benefit from his input. 

Mike Rubeis, MD, Center for Pain Management:

I’ve known Grant on a professional basis for over 20 years. He is a dynamic "impact player" who will bring immediate and lasting positive change to any imaginable medical venue. In our case with JLR Medical Group, as Pain Practice Manager, he created and negotiated a model for the internal separation of the pain practice from the anesthesia practice; including a separate compensation plan. Anyone knowing the politics and dynamics between anesthesia and pain medicine practices will appreciate this accomplishment!  

Kelly Dennis, Perfect Office Solutions:

I’ve known Grant Scott for over 20 years and would not hesitate to recommend him as a consultant.  When Grant worked with our anesthesia group, he was a major part of a team that dug deep into the inner workings to determine how to best service our local hospital needs.  Outside of working with Grant, he was always supportive of our state association of anesthesia administrators.  He has a keen eye for details and a thoughtful, professional approach.

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