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GAP Assessment

Do You Have
a Gap?

A gap is the difference between the facility's and anesthesia practice's perception about the degree to which the practice  fills the expected role the practice plays with the facility.   

What Is a GAP Assessment?

A GAP (Global Anesthesia Partner) Assessment quantifies the degree of separation between the practice’s and the facility's perception of alignment on matters of critical and strategic importance. 

Why Do a
GAP Assessment?

A GAP Assessment helps protect the strategic partnership between the facility and anesthesia practice by creating situational awareness about areas of misalignment; allowing the parties to bridge the gaps.  

RCM Assessment

Revenue Cycle Management 

Effective RCM is the heart of every practice. AHC uses standard and custom metrics to evaluate RCM. Seemingly minor changes can have significant effects on collections.

Managed Care Contract Review

Many practices have outdated static vs. dynamic managed care contracts. Through contract and rate review and renegotiations (as needed) AHC can help get the most out of payers. 

Practice Governance 

Governance and Conflict Resolution

Few things weaken an anesthesia practice's position with the hospital/facility more than open strife among partners. 

AHC Solutions

With a Master's degree in psychology, 25 years of real-world practice management experience, and a reputation for candor and objectivity, Grant is uniquely qualified to assist partners resolve their differences. 

Practice Management 

For the small or mid-sized budget conscious anesthesia practice, Grant is available as a contracted Practice Manager. He has provided practice management and consulting services to large and small anesthesia practices alike; most recently with Abeo (abeo), where he managed a combined book of business in excess of $25,000,000. Prior to that, he was Practice Manager for Piedmont’s American Anesthesiology of GA practice (aka MEDNAX) in the Greater Atlanta Area (the practice had 40 + physicians and 120 + CRNAs). 

See Grant's Complete Resume

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